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Nataniel· 3 years ago
I'm thinking 24. January. Wait out the drought as long as possible so that ADA might rally once again as there are many dapps coming over the next few weeks. The Cardano ecosystem will mature a lot by the end of January.
Jahemo· 3 years ago
Its better for Empowa to dot their I's and cross their t's. To give us a great investment opportunities and grow this project successful.
Cardano Worm· 3 years ago
There will be a lot of tokens to buy in december , please move it twards january so I can get more money
M.D· 3 years ago
the 24th of january is my Birthday, I will have millions more to invest xD
Roland· 3 years ago
it is great that you are asking the community, but the fact that these dates are only a few weeks apart and the sale is structured to take several weeks anyway...means it doesnt really matter.

just pick the date that works best for your dev team and tell us the answer.

if the options were 3 months apart then perhaps community vote would be warranted.