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Neil· 4 months ago
Enjoyed Jonathan's bassoon quartet piece. Impressed by the final result!
Harriet· 4 months ago
They are great, didn't know they existed. Fabulous sound! Thanks Mike.
Susan· 4 months ago
Wow, Mike, I've never seen those before! Such a lovely sound. Thank you for sharing this!
Mike· 4 months ago
Ever seen and heard a quartet of Wagner tubas playing Bruckner 8? Wonderful sound!
Harriet· 5 months ago
Hi Michelle, yes John's recording was amazing, I think you might be pinching him for the flute section! What a fabulous piece, beautifully played and a very talented guy.
Michelle McCabe· 5 months ago
how do I find Monika’s recording?
Michelle McCabe· 5 months ago
What a beautiful performance of Syrinx John. That has lifted my spirits. Thank you, and thanks to all at Team Newsletter! Love it.
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