Here is a list of frequently asked questions by our users. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us.
I lost the admin link to my poll/message board. How can I get it back?
You can retrieve your admin link if you entered your email address during the setup of your poll: Retrieve lost admin link
How does Xoyondo use my data?
We try to collect as little personal information as possible from our users. Almost all user inputs (e.g. email addresses) during the setup of a poll or message board are optional. However, some personal data is necessary to provide our services (e.g. names). We do everything we can to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Of course, we will never give, sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their use without your consent.
How long will my poll/message board be available?
We currently delete polls and message boards after two years of inactivity, i.e., if there has not been a vote, comment or any other modification of your poll in two years. If you need your poll to be available beyond that, please contact us.
Meeting/Opinion polls
How can I edit my vote?

Poll administrators can always edit their vote and those of the other participants in the admin area of the poll.

Participants can edit their vote by clicking on the edit icon to the left of their name in the poll. Note that participants can only edit their vote if they access the poll from the same device they voted with before and if they have Cookies on this device enabled. If this is not the case they will see the icon instead of the edit icon next to their name.

There are three ways to make sure that participants can always edit their vote from any device:
  • As participant, after you voted in a poll you will get to a 'Thank you for participating' page. On this page you can get a personal poll link which can also be sent to your email address. If you access the poll via this link you will be able to edit your vote anytime from any device.
  • As administrator, invite the participants via Xoyondo by entering their email addresses in the corresponding fields. The invitations that are sent by Xoyondo contain a personalized poll link for each participant. If the participants access the poll via this link they will always be able to edit their vote.
  • As administrator, activate the option 'Simplified editing'.
How does the 'Simplified editing' option work?
As administrator you can choose the 'Simplified editing' option during the setup of the poll or later in the admin area. If active, the participants can edit their votes from any device even if they don't have Cookies enabled because we simply make all votes editable. While this is certainly convenient since your participants don't have to bother with personal poll links or Cookies, it bears the risk that participants manipulate (or delete) votes that are not their own.
I want to be notified about new votes/comments in the poll. How can I do that?
Administrators can activate the option 'I want to be notified by email about activities in this poll' during the setup of the poll or later in the admin area. If active, notifications will be sent if there are new votes or comments in the poll. Please make sure that you enter a valid email address.
Participants can be notified about new votes by entering their email address on the 'Thank you for participating' page after voting in the poll. Similarly they can be notified about new comment by entering their email in the appropriate field in the comment section of the poll.
If you don't seem to get any emails, please verify that your email addess is correct and check your spam folder.
What is the maximal number of participants a poll can have?
Currently there is no practical limit to the number of participants a poll can have.