Create an anonymous poll

Specify a series of questions and let your participants vote anonymously.
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Set up a survey and let people vote anonymously.

Do you want to find out what your colleagues think about the team-event that you organized or do you need an objective opinion about a presentation that you gave? Xoyondo can help! Simply set up an anonymous poll and let them decide without revealing their identity. You can easily set up multiple polls on one page and choose wether you want to allow users to make multple choices or only a single one. After the setup process you will receive a link to your poll that you can share with the participants via email or in a social network. The participants don't need to be registered to vote in your anonymous poll.

Use cases

Anonymous polls are the right choice if you don't need to know the voters' name or or if your use case requires complete anonymity.

Prizes and awards

Do you want to know who cooked the best chili, wore the nicest dress or was the best teacher? In this case participants usually don't want to reveal their identity and anonymous polls are the right choice for you.

Plan get-togethers

If you are planning a BBQ and want to know how many people are coming, who will eat steak or who will bring a salad, anonymous polls are an easy way to get answers to these questions.

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