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Find a date for your event that works for everybody.

This is how it works:

1. Select dates and times.

Select several possible dates for your event or meeting. Additionally different times (e.g. 2-3pm, 4-5pm) can be specified for each day.

Choose possible dates for the event

2. Invite your participants.

Invite the participants to your meeting poll by email or directly via Xoyondo. They will obtain a link to your personal poll website.

Send invitation-emails or let Xoyondo do it for you

3. Get the optimal date.

Each participant indicates which dates and times are suitable. The optimal date for your event can now be easily determined.

Determine the best date for your event easily.
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Agree on an option.

Ask your participants for their opinion and let them vote.

Create a poll!

Conduct a survey.

Let your participants vote anonymously.

Create a poll!

Start a discussion.

Discuss with your participants on a private website.

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