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Patrickg· 23 hours ago
With the amount of arthritis in our league, knitting should be mandatory spring training!
Phil· 24 hours ago
Only 4 spots left to fill before we reach our goal of 208 players. I'm surprised to see a bunch of long time regulars not registered yet. Looks like we'll get a big crop of rookies though.
Derek D· 2 days ago
Phil. Jolly explained it to me
You see.. May is when his knitting courses are and.. Well.. he has his priorities😄😄😄😄😄😄
Phil· 2 days ago
Jolly, you realize you could sign up full time and say you miss the first two weeks and no one would complain, right? You'd get picked real fast too.
Tonyc· 3 days ago
Jolly season starts May 10 except for 2 Friday games on the 8th I believe. Thats pretty much mid May
Derek D· 3 days ago

[email protected]


MP· 4 days ago
Just wondering if anyone knows how I can email whoever is in charge of the softball league? Have some questions but no clue where to ask
JK· 4 days ago
Derek, I haste playing in May. My opinion is that the season should start mid to late May. It is what it is, but that's too early for me.
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