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Tony C · 2 hours ago
Joe there is nothing to debate .... should not make any changes in a year where 65% of our regular members are not playing it's as simple as that , doesn't matter if you like the mat or hate it.
Joe R· 2 hours ago
Not gonna continue debating this, all umpires who have umped homeplate this year say its an easier and a better system to umping. They all like the mat when it comes to an umping aspect. Hands down it's easier for them. You are just reluctant to change. You're used to how we've always had it and that change doesnt come easy. There is no way that anyone can deny that the mat is not more consistent and easier to call as far as a strike zone is concerned. Hands down it is. As far as the arc is concerned, Most umpires know when there is a flat pitch, They all recognize a flat pitch when they are the hitter and one is thrown to them, so you can't tell me they don't recognize it as an umpire. I just don't think they are comfortable calling it out. I think some of them shy away from making those calls. So yes I do mention to the umpires about the arc during our games, because the arc should be enforced. It's in our rules for a reason, and it should be called.
Cliff G· 3 hours ago
i vote for mail in ballots
only stealing home
no tight pants
loud music
dancing while running
everyone catches and throws using wrong hand
batters have blindfolds

and people stop bitching and whining
you are playing ball....during a pandemic!!
stay safe...have fun!!

miss you guys.
Tony C · 5 hours ago
Joe most umpires who have problems with the strike zone is because they can't properly judge the height of balls thrown it's not because the balls thrown are inside or outside so your not going to educate them on arc , 2nd we played a game last week where you argued just about every play including arc , 3rd and most important we should not be implementing new rules of play or even have an AGM this year considering we only have 1/3 of regular players that are playing ! Regardless of if we are for or against the mat doesn't really matter at this point at best it's probably a discussion to have in the future when we get most or all of our members back playing.
Joe R· 5 hours ago
You're arguments make no sense to me, you want umpires behind the plate instead of a Mat meaning You have enough trust that umpires can get it right but when it comes to judging the arc and height of a pitch you don't have confidence in umpires calling illegal pitches. Which is it, do you have faith in the umpires or you don't?? You can't have it both ways. You can't say they are unable to judge arc but they are able to judge a strike zone, That's a ridiculous argument. Either you trust the umpiring or you don't. To me it's much easier for an umpire to look for one thing than look for more than 1 thing. The arc and height of a pitch is MUCH easier to judge than where the ball crossed on a batter and to add to that also look for the arc and hieght of a pitch.

Yes umpires will need to be educated on what is a legal arc and what is too high. This is much easier to do than calling balls and strikes. Also you make it sound like hitting the mat is sooo easy... It's not that easy and throwing a ball high up in the air does not give you a greater percentage of hitting the mat. The higher you throw the ball, the more distance the ball will travel, the more distance it travels the more difficult it is to be percise. This is fundamental physics.

That being said, It's not a matter of if we have good umping or not. That's not the issue at hand. With the Mat, the pitcher knows exactly where the strike zone is and the batter does as well. There is no excuse for any argument of a walk or strike out. It eliminates so many unwanted arguments., whether the umpire is right or whether the batter is right is not the point. The point is that there are no more arguments on balls and strikes!! Also pitchers and hitters also complain about consistency, just be consisitent is what we all want, there is nothing more consistent than a Mat.
Michel Laterreur· 13 hours ago
The mat was put in play this year because of social distancing (needed to have the catcher 6 feet behind and the umpire standing on the side) and now some want it forever mainly because it stop the arguement of balls and strike. We took off the stealing because the bounces on the mat are not regular and the catcher has to stand further back. Personally I hate the mat and the non stealing. I love the way we use to play and hoping the AGM will agreed with me. I am not going to mention my reasons but I will say that we are a slo-pitch league not a lob ball league. I know some of you will say we could play with a mat in slo-pitch but I completely disagreed. Because we will get pitchers in our league who are experts in lob ball that will throw balls that are crazy hard to hit. This year we have maybe one who is pretty good at it but we will get pitchers that will drive you crazy. Our league is a gimmie ball making it easy for everyone to join and play.
Mike W· 14 hours ago
i reallly never found the umps to be an issue? a few iffy calls per game but they usually balance out over a season.
Tony C · 15 hours ago
so is the purpose of the mat to reduce arguements with the umpires ?
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