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Tonyc· 7 days ago
nets are up at the park and Legault is supposed to speak about sports and parks sometime this week. 1 step closer
Mike Lee· 3 weeks ago
Hi Guys, long time no see, hope everybody is well. I was really looking forward to coming back after a long year of suffering and pain, but it looks like this year might be a wash out cause this is really not going away soon and I have a feeling that we might take our chances at golf instead if we are lucky. Anyways if the season is done and we don't play, my suggestion would be instead of reimbursing people take that money and donate it to charities on behalf of the KMSPL. Bradwell could use some of that money and I'm sure we can find other charities in need. That's if the season is done, hopefully not. I'd rather be sitting at the park watching some of you make errors hahaha and sitting having a nice cold beer with all of you. Take care stay safe and hopefully we will be playing soon. Mike Lee.
Joe R.· 3 weeks ago
Just to keep everyone posted on the season, Neil will have a 2nd Video session on Wednesday May 13, 7:30 pm on the Kmspl facebook page... If you have questions this would be the time to ask them... Thank you
Vegas· 4 weeks ago
Scott we can't cancel the Bradwell because they own the park time that weekend and they will not give it to us for sure.
Vegas· 4 weeks ago

On this day we had planned our annual rookie evaluation day where we all get up early in the morning get the coffee and heads up to Benevole park to welcome all our new members in the KMSPL. After our evaluation morning we heads up to Holleuffer chalet to finalize the rookie evaluation and bring them to the coaches. Then we have the selection of our assistants. This is where we see all kinds of discussion and predictions. Usually on this day for years we had cold weather, rain and nasty winds but today when I went out for my 40 minutes walk amongst kids playing in the front and older couple walking with there water bottle I felt so sad to see that we miss this beautiful day probably one of the nicest day and not being at the park doing the evaluation with the guys.This is a very sad sad day!!!!!!!!!
KM· 1 month ago
The new normal in the KMSPL outfield.... You got it, no you got it, no you got it...I'm not touching that ball! Also, should I wear my jersey over or under my hazmat suit?
Joe R· 1 month ago
Guys, Hope you are all safe and taking care of yourselves and Family... There have been a lot of questions about the 2020 season. Neil will be on Facebook live On Thursday at 7:30... he will be giving you guys an update and he will answer any of your questions... This is the first time Neil does this sort of facebook live, so please be patient with If you are not in the KMSPL group as of yet, then find it and join the group...
JK· 1 month ago
Lol, sorry Scott but that won't work. That's like saying we should put tape on the field so we know how far we should be from players. If we can't enjoy KMSPL the way we want or are used to, you might as well cancel the season.
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