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Vegas· 2 days ago
Looks like it will be a fight between twins brothers for the Laford trophy (Best Player in Playoffs) . Alex Travers has already a league leading 6 HRs and a second place in RBIs with 18. Pat Travers (second pick overall in the draft) who is hitting a attonishing .774 has played the most amazing left centerfield (most inportant position to cover with the SS) in the playoffs with a wide and deep range with incredible speed. Yes there is a couple dark horses in Alex Smith who is leading in hitting with .778 and Chris Holland leading in 23 RBIs but the twin brothers in you take into account offense and defense combine in my opinion the battle is between the brothers. And yes I think as I predicted before the playoffs I said that Kopke will win because he has the best defense and they are extremely motivated.
Tonyc · 1 week ago
Semi's should be fun 4 games played against each other the run differential was 10 for the 4 games combined !
Joe· 1 week ago
Playoff Schedule if we go to 5 games for all series, this would be the worst case scenario... Semi's Sept, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29.... Finals Oct 1, 2, 4, 6, 7.... Last year we finsihed Oct 7
Tonyc · 1 week ago
wont go past 7-8th of October like most years .
Playoffs· 1 week ago
We are September 19 and have yet to play the 2nd round. The 2nd round starts on September 22. The next round, if it goes the distance, won't start until October. This is great - I can't wait to play in -5 weather!
Leo· 2 weeks ago
Congratulations to the Kopke team. I hope we made it interesting and challenging for you guys in the first round. Good luck going forward. And good luck to the rest of the teams. Hopefully, we will be back to normal next season with a full roster and schedule.
Patrickg· 2 weeks ago
yeah. I didn't bother getting my money back seeing as I was going to play next year. Hopefully the league invested my money in the hot stock market.
JB· 2 weeks ago
then Patrickg you paid for nothing lol or a spot for next season if we have one
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