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Michel Laterreur· 1 day ago
Our president will issue a news letter over the weekend or early next week to bring our members up today. Working hard to have a great season this summer. Now please virus get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so fed up of listening about you every freaking day on the news. I want my life back, I want to go to the store without worrying of cathing your crap. Virus the f..k out.
Derek D· 3 days ago
nice note on the front page.. well done exec! hope to see everyone at the park this summer. take care !!
Aldridge· 4 days ago
Phil, I agee with you. Untill that happens, lets just be safe everyone.
Phil· 4 days ago
I believe that when the authorities give us the ok to go play in the park, we should launch our season. Nobody knows when that will be or if it will be in time to have a season at all but when the signal comes, I trust it will be safe. When it is safe, playing ball together will be awesome to recuperate from these aweful times.
Burgy· 5 days ago
Short season for sure Jason. If we can't be playing at some point this spring/summer, the least of our issues are likely to be whether we have a softball a season. More food for thought....
Let's look after ourselves and our families.
Jason P· 5 days ago
At this point it's pretty safe to say that at the very least we will be having a short season again. And with the recommendation of "Months" of social distancing, would it not be irresponsible to have a season at all? Food for thought
Dean G· 5 days ago
Can definitely recommend Zoom as Pat says. Concordia is using it to hold virtual meetings. Can easily accommodate 100 people. Probably more.
PatrickG· 5 days ago
On the subject of meetings, my church just did an entire service on zoom meetings and it worked fine.
If we are still concerned about social contact when it's time to have meetings, there's definitely ways to do it online.

I even had a beer with my friends using google hangouts. Not perfect, but so much better than no interaction.
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