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Seb· 2 years ago

I am writing you today because I stumbled upon your website and it made my day. But there is something I would like to ask you. Can I help you get all of your channeling recordings for FREE in any platform that you like? I mean common! There is so many people that need to hear your work and now a days it has to be accessible for everyone.

Hope you understand my point of view and don't get mad at this (maybe) unusual request.

Best regards,

Chantal · 2 years ago
Thank you for the update. I feel like I got a special note from a long lost friend. Congrats on your marriage - Chris and Michele
Christie Lord· 3 years ago
Hi Chris et al. Me again. I just wanted to speak a few words about the "hard stuff" that I resonate to in your message. 2018 came in with a bang for my partner and myself. For me, my CFS became exaggerated; more anxiety and depression and more fatigue than usual. For my partner, symptoms of Fibro Fog emerged and made her feel like she was going crazy. Fortunately we both recognize this as major fear coming up to be released and try to stay away from fabricating disastrous outcomes. Your post encouraged both of us. I, for one, have noted the world's chaos and have felt I "should" become active somehow to "resist." But my heart wasn't/isn't in it. You, Chris, have given me permission to just "be" and move toward the light - offering something visible for those who are lost to see and believe in. My heart DOES respond to that request. I miss hearing from both of you so much, but thank you evermore for all you have shared and offered. Love, Christie Lord.
Pam O'Shea· 3 years ago
The day before your email arrived Chris, I was thinking about you both and wondering why I hadn't heard anything from Lightsmith for a looooong time. Thanks for still being there and sharing.
Kerri C· 3 years ago
Chris, It was such a pleasant surprise to receive your email. It felt like finding one last present under the tree when we thought we were done. Thank you both for all of your support during this transition. Your message was of course timely for me as well as I am also going through an important work transition. All you have done over the last few years has helped me immensely to find calm during this storm. Thank you for sharing your message with us. Many blessings for you both.
Chris· 3 years ago
Hi everyone, and thanks for your additions to this page. I enjoy the sense of connection and reading about what's up with you.

And hi, Cyndy….your grace question (how do I?) starts to reveal its own answer. The place I've been moving through, reflected in the message I shared, is connected to receiving and what that means. Some things are getting more difficult to describe, such as the state of openness and receptivity that is fundamental to the transition into the New Field.

I have found that the wrench in the works is the mind's relentless quest to know, to want to assert its position as dominant and basically to remain in charge. It wants to understand how to experience grace or how to enter into the experience of the new field. The irony is that trying to figure it out IS the block.

I'm finally starting to *grok* the sense of surrender, trust and relaxed openness needed to allow my experience to shift. It's been baby steps, but I am starting to feel the difference in what I seem to be embodying as I get myself out of the way and let the process proceed, guided by my soul and the field, itself. We have all used a different operating system for survival during the reign of duality, so perhaps we're analogous to old dogs learning new tricks. Apparently unlearning comes first :)
Cyndy· 3 years ago
Cyndy here again on Grace. I "think" the better question for me is: how do I experience grace? What does it feel like? How do you experience grace?
"Grace : unconditional kindness of the Universe. A space of pure opens and availability."
My powerful words for today. Radiating Grace. ok I am done now
Cyndy· 3 years ago
Thank you Ann for your reply, It is, in even responding to my question that I opened. It sometimes happens that way as the "answer" may not be my answer. Instead ,your responding opened it up for me. I have at times, over the years asked people ,what is grace?
I ended up a few years, ago on waking up ,that, grace was countenance .
countenance (support) I had experienced grace as support. The kind of support so "full filling" , I don't even need support in another fashion.
Also, I have experienced it, as somewhat reminding me of the Ray of Divine Delight (sparkling light gold) except Grace seems calmer , without the smile or bubble of a giggle in someway. Or perhaps I stay more grounded with Grace then I do with Divine Delight.
I ran across this also and in someway yes, and then someways no. My no's and yes's are not so polarized now. They are more holistic. ha :)
"Grace is a channel for Divine Wisdom, Deep Healing and Physical Unblocking. "
Then a few years ago was listening to a song and went into some state of grace. I then found out that song was in the key of C. And grace is the key of C. It's energy. It's tone. Ok I am somewhat wobbly on remembering the key?!?!
If this is too long Chris , just throw me off . Thanks for the ride.
Grace to ALL today. May it open. And/or whatever in the light you need, be yours today.
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