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Message in a Bottle

I invite you to write your message, either your wishes for the future, a tribute to someone or something you lost, an invitation to something or someone to enter your life, or any message you feel moved to share.
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Penny· 1 year ago
my wish is to create a home space where I can welcome visitors, host events, find beauty every day. a home filled with love, joy, and laughter, family and friends.
Elaine· 1 year ago
"As water takes whatever shape it is in, so free may you be about who you become" ( John O'Donohue, Poet)
Siobhán· 1 year ago
I commit to showing up every day and writing/creating, saying no to things u don't want to do to say yes to myself, building my dream buildings here, traveling, learning and meeting new people. I commit to deep work on myself and taking full responsibility.
Kit· 1 year ago
May the balancing energies of the Equinox bring peace and joy to each soul and may we bring forth peace to the entire planet.
Alison Boulton· 1 year ago
Sending a message to request the universe to at last manifest our house sale and a house for us to buy so we can move forward in relative security and so that I can work as an astrologer. And I would love a grandchild, please.
To enable us all to move forward expressing the positive qualties of Venus in Taurus conjunct the North Node.
Anna Marie Stotka· 1 year ago
In this bottle, I am sending out to the universe that world peace will be seen in our lifetime . Health discoveries will be discovered so we can accomplish more in a natural way. I trust the right relationship will soon enter my life so we can share family, friends, traveling and relocate to a peaceful area so we can continue to grow spiritually.

Dolores · 1 year ago
May we find courage to allow for our authentic expression and the freedom to live sovereign & free.
Gary· 1 year ago
These messages will be compiled and added to an article titled, "Message in a Bottle: Saturn & Neptune in Pisces" for publication on the Timeline Astrology website. Visit
Gary· 1 year ago
Today is the Equinox and International Astrology Day! Today is also the day I end my 18-year long period of Rahu. It's been such a fascinating and rewarding time. I've acheived so much I never dreamt possible before I started on this journey. But I'm also ready to move on, and in. You see, Rahu has driven me to distraction. It has been full on! I'm thankful for it, but I'm ready to slow down and find the pot of gold I've been sitting on all this time!